The JRB DuraLatchTM multi-fit, twin locking hydraulic pin-grabber coupler is designed for a wide range of OEM attachment pickups on excavators from 8mT to 50mT. The coupler delivers exceptionally strong performance in easy to operate, lightweight, compact design. ISO 13031 compliant, DuraLatch features a twin locking system that keeps attachments securely engaged in the event of lost hydraulic pressure. 



•    Fully cast body from high tensile steel, delivering exceptionally strong performance 
•    Fewer moving parts than typical couplers, with only 4 replaceable parts for easy maintenance: front latch, rear hook, latch actuator, cylinder 
•    ISO 13031 compliant twin locking back up system, including an internal gas spring cylinder which ensures the attachment remains securely engaged in a working position in the event of hydraulic loss


•    Lightweight cast frame designed to reduce engine load delivering fuel economy without compromising on machine breakout force 
•    Significantly lighter than typical excavator couplers, in some cases up to 42% lighter*
      NOTE: Weight savings based on comparable products. Relative weight dependent on range.


•    The low profile design delivers a shorter pin to tip measurement which delivers maximum breakout force for greater productivity and efficiency
•    Optimized coupler arm design to mirror excavator geometry

LegendR3 (Class 20)R4 (Class 25)R5 (Class 45)R6 (Class 45)R7 (Class 55)R8 (Class 70)R9 (Class 100)
Coupler Weight211 lb (96 kg)407 lb (185 kg)590 lb (268 kg)724 lb (329 kg)964 lb (438 kg)1285 lb (584 kg)1624 lb (738 kg)
Minimum Attachment WidthAW6.66" (169mm)8.70" (221mm)10.91" (277mm)12.08" (307mm)12.84" (326mm)13.59" (345mm)14.45" (372mm)
Pin Diameter D50mm | 60mm60mm | 65mm70mm | 80mm80mm80mm | 90mm90mm | 100mm100mm | 110mm
Pin Spread MinMin PS11.03" (280mm) | 11.42" (290mm)13.59" (345mm) | 13.98" (355mm))14.81" (376mm) | 15.40" (391mm)16.93" (430mm)17.44" (443mm) | 18.04" (458mm)18.58" (472mm) | 19.69" (500mm)21.10" (536mm) | 21.33" (542mm)
Pin Spread MaxMax PS12.48" (317mm) | 12.59" (320mm)16.33" (415mm) | 16.53" (420mm)18.58" (472mm) | 18.77" (477mm)20.47" (520mm)20.47" (520mm) | 20.66" (525mm)23.70" (602mm) | 23.90" (607mm)24.80" (630mm) | 25.00" (635mm)
Coupler Vertical OffsetVo7.48" (190mm)8.82" (224mm)10.51" (267mm)10.71" (272mm)12.40" (315mm)13.33" (338mm)13.19" (353mm)
Coupler Horizontal OffsetHo 5.47" (139mm)8.82" (224mm)7.48" (190mm)8.54" (217mm)9.76" (248mm)10.35" (263mm)13.66" (347mm)
Lift Eye Rating11,023 lb (5 kg)28,660 lb (13 kg)28,660 lb (13 kg)35273 lb (13 kg)44, 092 lb (20 kg)55,115 lb (25 kg)66,138 lb (30 kg)
Demolition and Recycling
Land Management
Material Handling
Oil and Gas

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