There is strength in numbers. With more than 2,800 dealers worldwide, the Paladin dealer network offers coverage and service few can match. Our dealers are the people on the street who learn about customer needs, new opportunities and what will be needed to succeed in the future. Paladin works with our dealers to better understand today's markets and create an information network that provides direction and guidance for all products. From small independents to large corporations, there is always a Paladin dealer nearby and ready to serve.

Customer Support

To be a great company, you need to provide great support. Paladin has dedicated customer support staff that are ready to answer questions, take care of concerns, or help you determine the best attachment for your individual need.


With multiple locations conveniently located throughout North America, there’s a Paladin facility ready to serve your needs. Call our attachment hotlines listed below to get immediate access to the world's most powerful attachment tools.

Paladin Light Attachments

2800 Zeeb Road
Dexter, MI 48130
United States
Bradco, FFC, Harley, McMillen, Sweepster

Paladin Heavy Attachments

820 Glaser Parkway
Akron, OH 44306
United States
CP, CustomWorks, JRB

CWS Industries

19490 - 92nd Avenue
Surrey, BC V4N 4G7