Business Philosophy

The Power of Combined Excellence™

Eleven brands, one solution. Paladin is the one-stop-shop for quality, productive and powerful attachment tools. In addition to the extensive independent Paladin dealer network, Paladin manufactures construction equipment attachments for companies such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and John Deere to sell under their respective trademarks. Contact us today to inquire as to our manufacturing services for your construction equipment attachments.

Everything we do at Paladin Attachments starts with our Guiding Principles -- a clear, strongly held set of beliefs that reflect who we are and what you can expect from us.  Our Guiding Principles carry us through our thoughts and actions every day, inspire innovation in our products and services and drive our commitment to excellence in all we do.  We believe that putting our Guiding Principles into practice creates long-term benefits for all our stakeholders -- employees, customers, consumers, suppliers and shareholders.

Paladin Guiding Principles

  • Safety and Integrity are foundational in all we do
  • We focus on the customer
    • We are responsive and easy to do business with
    • We are solutions oriented
  • We set high standards for our company and ourselves
    • We are intolerant of mediocrity
    • We accept accountability
    • We make candid assessments of our performance
  • We have a passion to win
    • Results matter
    • We act with a sense of urgency
  • Continuous improvement is our path to success
    • We embrace change
    • Continuous improvement is everyone’s job
  • People make the difference
    • We attract and retain only the best
    • People are evaluated based on their accomplishments and behaviors
    • Personal development is a shared responsibility
  • We actively and regularly communicate
    • Everyone has an open door
    • We are candid, concise, and transparent
    • Debate is healthy and drives better decisions
    • We encourage and expect feedback
  • We demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit
    • We take initiative
    • We demonstrate a can-do attitude
    • We are creative and innovative