Sweepers, VS

Sweepster's VS Pick-Up Sweeper (SSL Vacuum Collector Sweeper With Dust Abatement — Hydraulic Drive) is great for cleaning up parking lots, construction sites, streets, curbs and gutters as well as pavement milling operations and utility fork sites. The patented "volumizing" feature allows the bucket to hold considerable more debris volume with less recirculation when compared to conventional sweepers. This product is also available CE certified.

  • Dust control without messy, bulky or impractical water sprinkler systems
  • Washable PTFE-coated filter works in dry or wet conditions
  • Virtually eliminates airborne particulate ejection during sweeper operation
  • Patented "volumizing" feature: bucket holds more debris with less recirculation
  • High dump design holds sweeper head clear of dumping bucket
  • Quick-change brush without breaking hydraulic lines
  • Hydraulic motor can be removed for brush change without tools
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