Sweepers, AH/CH

The Sweepster AH (Utility Tractor Angle Sweeper-PTO to Hydraulic Drive) (single motor) and CH (dual motor) brooms are hydraulically driven, 32” diameter front-mounted tractor brooms that can be run on a tractor's hydraulics system or with an optional pump package. These brooms fit a wide range of applications and are excellent for road cleanup, construction, landfills, snow removal and general cleanup.

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  • Drive slips easily out of core without removing hydraulic lines from wheel motor(s)
  • Brush core is reversible for even brush wear
  • 32" diameter brush for longer life
  • Angles manually 30 degrees left/right
  • Front mount
  • Sweep width for AH is 5' to 7'; CH is 5' to 8'
Land Management

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