OxJaw™ Pro Thumb

OxJaw™ excavator thumbs combine advanced design and superior materials for the best levels of productivity and performance.  The thumbs utilize abrasion-resistant AR400 steel, providing significant wear reduction while simultaneously reducing weight to improve payload capacity — especially when used with a coupler system.  OxJaw thumbs allow you to tackle tough material handling jobs while ensuring superior load management through best-in-class clamping force.  


OxJaw Pro™ is a progressive link thumb provides additional rotation and increases the available range of the thumb to handle a wider variety of debris removal.

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  • Lighter, stronger, AR400 steel construction reduces thumb weight up to 15% while improving strength 2.9 times
  • Dual-cushioned cyclinders reduce wear and tear for lower maintenance
  • Excellent handling with increased payloads
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Stubbed center tines available for protection against boom damage when in full transport position
Demolition & Recycling
Land Management
Material Handling
Oil & Gas

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