Nexus™ WL Cast Multi Coupler

NEXUS™ is defined as the central and most important point linking two or more things. This new and innovative coupler is just that, creating the ultimate system of productivity by joining your machine to a variety of attachment interchange styles. The cast design has patented and patent-pending features. It offers benefits such as improved offset and lighter weight. Available for a variety of popular OEM machine models.

  • Replaceable ISO pins extend the life of the coupler and your attachments
  • Cast design adds strength and durability with patented and patent-pending features
  • Hydraulic plunger visibility aids in proper attachment engagement
  • 167 square inches of visibility added to the center of the coupler for improved load management and safer operation
  • Up to a 26% improvement in coupler breakout force impact
Demolition and Recycling
Land Management
Material Handling
Oil and Gas

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