FD60 High-Flow Forestry Disk Mulcher

Forestry Disk Mulcher Render 3, from Bottom
Forestry Disk Mulcher Render 1
Forestry Disk Mulcher Render 2, from Top
Foestry Disk Mulcher Disk Blades Teeth
Forestry Disk Mulcher Cutting Down a Tree
Forestry Disk Mulcher Cutting Brush
Forestry Disk Mulcher Cutting Brush 2

The FD60 High-Flow Disk Mulcher maximizes up-time, minimizes service intervals, and can withstand aggressive use in a variety of conditions. The FD60 was designed as a solution to common issues of jamming and unpredictability that other forestry disk mulchers face.


Forestry disk mulcher skid steer attachments are used for forestry applications because they combine felling trees, mulching them, and stump-grinding into one fast process. This product is equipped with Paladin’s MulchPower GaugeTM, allowing operators to see when maximum rotational energy is stored in the disk so they can take down trees with full strength, as well as many other features to increase tool life and productivity.



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Prime Mover: Skid Steer


Machine Requirements for this attachment:

Mount: Universal Skid Steer
Flow: 30-45 GPM
Pressure: 3,300 PSI minimum (case drain required)
Rated operating capacity (ROC): 2,600 lbs minimum


Maximizes productivity and up-time:

  • Designed to reduce jamming
  • Ultra-efficient drive system with fast start
  • MulchPowerTM Gauge for maximum energy


Minimizes service time and costs:

  • Bearing housing never needs to be greased
  • Debris shovel keeps teeth out of the dirt
  • Debris shovel guides material for processing
  • High-quality QUADCO teeth are interchangeable, allowing for simple service and rotation


Flexible for many forestry applications:

  • Fells trees up to 14 inches
  • Processes up to 8 inches
  • Stump grinds to grade
  • Controls debris projection with adjustable deflector
  • Dual-function push bar pulls trees in on the right side while grabbing to manipulate trees on the left side


For details, please read the FAQs.

ModelSKUQD Coupler Size (in)Max Processing Diameter (in)Disk Width (in)Dimensions (in)Weight (lb)
FD60125260-00221/286076 x 76 x 402,410
FD60125260-99035/886076 x 76 x 402,410
FD60125260-99253/486076 x 76 x 402,410
Land Management

How does the FD60 Forestry Disk Mulcher reduce jamming?

When trying to understand the challenges many operators face with disk mulchers, we heard that many users had issues with jamming. Because forestry disk mulchers are often used on smaller trees or scrub trees, jamming is common – which leads to productivity lags (and uncertainty) as well as safety concerns when the operator needs to get out of the cab to check the machine.

We have designed the FD60 Forestry Disk Mulcher to reduce jamming (and therefore increase uptime, productivity, and safety):

  • MulchPower GaugeTM ensures operators know when they have full mulching power before tackling larger trees by clearly showing when max rotational energy is stored in the disk 
  • Radial piston motor maximizes RPM and recovery time; high-powered motor starts up quickly for reduced contamination
  • High-quality, sharp teeth from QUADCO cut quickly through materials that could cause jamming
  • Wide-angle intake design acts as a dam and guides material to the top of the disk, so less gets into the throat (which can cause jams and stalls)

Why does this product have a long tool/tooth life?

This forestry disk mulcher features a debris shovel designed to keep the edge teeth out of the dirt more, getting under trees and logs, which in turn keeps the teeth sharper for longer. Plus, our teeth and disk are high-quality components made by a leader in the forestry industry, QUADCO. Additionally, our disk mulcher uses the same teeth on all parts of the disk rather than different types of teeth for top, bottom, edge, and interior, so teeth can be rotated for even wear over time. Additionally, 100% solid machined QUADCO disk is a rigid, perfectly balanced tool holder that stores tremendous rotational energy, delivering a powerful punch and smooth ride.


How is a disk mulcher different from a drum mulcher or a brush cutter?

Depending on your time, area, or desired finish you may want to consider a drum mulcher or a brush cutter instead of a disk mulcher. The disk mulcher is better for rural areas, the brush cutter is suitable for both urban and rural areas (making it very versatile), and the drum mulcher is better for urban areas. The main reasons for this are that the disk mulcher processes larger trees faster than the drum mulcher, but the drum mulcher creates a much finer finish. The brush cutter can handle a mixture of trees and brush, but will not be as fast to process trees as the disk mulcher. So for larger areas with a lot of trees, the disk mulcher is usually the preferred attachment for its efficiency as long as a fine finish is not required.

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