Wheel Loader Cable Reelers

CWS Cable Reeling Systems are revolutionizing the handling of electrical cabtire. A Heavy-Duty Cable Payout/Retrieval System for Open Pit & Underground Operations. Ruggedly Constructed and Designed for Ease of Maintenance & Simple Operation.


Save Time and Money:

  • Improved efficiency — Pick up and lay down cable faster
  • Reduced downtime — Keep your machines drilling and loading more
  • Reduced equipment damage — Cable and coupler damage
  • Reduced labor costs:
    • Potentially fewer support people required
    • Faster completion/operation of procedures/tasks
  • Reduced handling costs
  • Reduced cable repair/maintenance costs


Safer Working Environment: 

  • Reduced injuries
    • Compensation claims related to moving/lifting cable
    • Electrocution/shock incident 
  • Less ground crew working around moving machines — reduced risk of incidents
  • Hexagonal sided drums are chosen to insure that drums cannot roll when stored.
  • Rapid reel interchange without ground helper. "Lift & Go" Drive System
  • Allows partial cable deployment with access to both couplers
  • Drum sizes to suit cable size and manufacturers specs for bend radius and allowable tension forces
  • Drum system compatible with complete system - Fully Integrated

Available for:

  • Wheel Loader / Dozer Mount
  • Scoop Tram
  • Truck Mounted

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