Strike Force Hydraulic Breakers

Paladin’s new Strike Force® Breakers provide exceptional performance and reliability for a variety of demolition tasks. From small excavation projects to the toughest demolition jobs, Paladin’s Strike Force Breaker series has a smooth, powerful operation for maximum output energy and efficiency. Strike Force Small Mounted Breakers are ideal for mini excavators and skid steer loaders for jobs that need a high breaking capacity. These breakers are the safe and efficient solution for road maintenance, urban demolition and building refurbishment. The Mid-Range Breakers have rugged construction and optimized power to weight ratio, specifically for trenching and demolition. With the advanced noise reduction and maximum energy transfer, the Mid-Range Strike Force Breakers are ideal for breaking hard rock and reinforced concrete. Large-Range Breakers are ideal for the largest and most heavy-duty demolition jobs, including primary excavation of quarrying, tunneling and mining. With the most efficient piston and cylinder design to transfer the highest shockwave into breaking objects, these large-range breakers provide the optimal transfer of blow energy for maximum operator results.

  • Proven working principle
  • Two moving parts
  • Rugged construction
  • Wide range of models
  • Easy service and maintenance
Working Class (lb)2984145326509591,2432,2093,1424,1054,7385,8336,2637,3019,259
Impact Energy Class2503505007501,0001,5002,0003,0004,0005,0006,0008,00010,00012,000
Impact Rate (BPM)-Low Speed400-600350-500350-500350-450300-400300-400250-350200-350
Impact Rate (BPM)-High Speed700-1500450-1150640-1470620-1150450-750400-750550-750450-650450-600400-500350-450350-450300-400300-400
Operating Pressure (lbf/in2)1,305-1,7401,305-1,8851,595-2,1171,566-2,1751,377-1,8801,880-2,1752,030-2,3202,175-2,4652,320-2,6102,320-2,6102,320-2,6102,320-2,6102,320-2,6102,620-2,610
Relief Pressure (lbf/in2)2,320-2,6102,320-2,6102,320-2,6102,320-2,6102,320-2,6102,320-2,6102,755-2,9002,755-2,9002,900-3,0452,900-3,0452,900-3,0452,900-3,0452,900-3,0452,900-3,045
Oil Flow Range (gpm)4-9.26.6-11.910-21.911.9-21.910.6-21.111.9-22.521.1-2923.8-31.726.4-39.631.7-47.639.6-55.547.6-63.452.8-68.766-79.3
Tool Diameter (in)1.572.152.632.672.933.323.94.885.275.465.856.056.447.1
Pressure Line Size (in)
Return Line Size (in)
Carrier Weight (lb)2,204-6,6144,409-9,9215,070-13,2277,054-15,8739,921-19,84215,432-26,45524,251-35,27428,660-39,68335,274-46,29739,683-57,32055,116-66,13961,729-77,16266,139-99,20888,145-121,254
Demolition and Recycling

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