Quik Pik Multi-Purpose Grapple

The new Bradco Quick Pik Multi-Purpose Grapple is a cost-effective alternative to purpose-built material handling attachments. The Quik Pik is the only attachment versatile enough to manage brush, logs, hay bales, rocks, pipe/culverts, as well as standard pallet jobs. The base unit with its patented dual hydraulic boom and curved tines allows the safe handling of materials such as hay bales, metal cylinders, boulders, culverts, etc. Additional stability is provided because the curved tines wrap around and against irregular-shaped and curved loads. Combine the base unit with the optional fork tines and/or brush rake and you have the material handling capability of multiple attachments such as pallet forks, brush grapples, bale spikes, manure forks and log grapples, all in one multi-purpose attachment.

  • The patented dual-hydraulic boom and curved tines can be closed and extended to grasp irregularly sized loads and materials; available with the base unit, optional fork tines and the optional brush rake
  • Landscape shoe provides a platform to stabilize loads against the face plate; can be easily removed to allow attachment of the optional brush/manure rake assembly
  • With the optional brush rake installed, large-volume material handling chores such as woody debris, manure, chips, etc. are easy
  • Add the optional fork tines and you get a full featured pallet fork attachment with stabilizing tines for irregular loads
Land Management

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