PTO PowerRake - PTO Drive

The FFC tractor mount (PTO-driven) Power Box Rake is a highly effective and extremely versatile site preparation and cleanup tool. Yielding high torque output through the PTO drive assembly, this rake is designed to cover larger areas, leaving the finished work in the dust cloud that follows. Both turf farms and professional sport turf contractors find this to be the most effective way to cover large areas in an efficient manner.

  • Pulverizes soil, removes debris, finish-grades and spreads fill or soil
  • Standard 20-degree hydraulic bi-directional angling
  • 8.6" diameter drum works the soil forward
  • Wheel arms pivot and store in a vertical position
  • One bank hydraulic required
  • Side gear case; spur gears in oil bath; no chains needed
  • Gear driven and direct drive
  • Optional hydraulic angle kit for manual angle

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