The FFC AutoRake® is an easy to use site cleanup and soil preparation attachment. Picks up and collects materials 3/4" to 6". Its single-directional motor is designed to be operated while traveling in reverse. Reversing operational hydraulics will open the canopy to 20° to facilitate easier dumping of debris. This unit can be mounted on a three-point configuration (tractor) and is excellent for picking up windrows in support of power box rake operations. This makes a great rental house attachment. This product is also available CE certified.

  • Grooms and finishes soil for seeding and sodding
  • Picks up rocks from 0.75" to 6" in diameter
  • Breaks up clods and levels soils
  • Easy to dump collected debris; simply raise the loader arms and open shroud hydraulically
  • Three-point mounting available
Land Management

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