PowerLatch® EX Coupler

Variable Pin Grabber — JRB's PowerLatch multi pin-grabber coupler has several safety features, including a patented Automatic Blocking System (ABS) that ensures coupler engagement is maintained during hydraulic failure. Backup mechanical locks on both the front and rear attachment pins are independent of the machine's hydraulic locking and operating system.

*Variable Pin Grabber = compatible to multiple OEM attachment specification within a class

  • Genuine "twin locking" coupler with patented ABS (Automatic Blocking System) automatically locks on both front and back pins, even in the event of hydraulic failure
  • Cast design is 20% stronger than comparative models
  • Universal design compatible with world's best-known attachment manufacturers
  • Lifting eye in center of back panel incorporated as part of coupler casting for retained strength
  • Optional CASS (Coupler Alert Safety System) provides working light and audible alert message that coupler is detached
  • Includes machine-specific installation kit and one set of attachment pins
  • Works in shovel or face mode
  • Operates with a variety of attachments, including hammers
Demolition and Recycling
Land Management
Material Handling
Oil and Gas

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