Excavator-Mounted — Single Winch Assemblies

  • Typical Winches: 
    • Braden Model: H20R, Bg25
    • Pullmaster Model: H12, H18, H25
    • DP Mfg. Model: Dp45
  • Rugged planetary gear winch for maximum performance and durability
  • High-efficiency gear train runs in sealed oil bath
  • Hoist rated automatic oil-cooled brake delivers smooth load control
  • Compact size allows mounting flexibility 
  • Heavy-duty winch guarding
  • Complete hydraulic valving and plumbing with simple, easy to use controls
  • Turnkey installation or kit form



  • Free spool with drag adjustment allows line to be pulled off by hand
  • Freewheeling clutch allows controlled load drop
  • High-speed reverse for fast cable payout
  • Other winches (different line pull and line speeds)
  • Larger drum size for more cable storage
  • Multiple winches for enhanced flexibility


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