Core Plug Aerator

Kodiak Aerators are available in Pull Type (with optional wheels) or three-point hitch design. Both feature a 12" diameter drum that can be filled for additional weight. Made with solid cold rolled steel axle attached to pillow block bearings for longer life and better operation. Utilizing a standard 15/16" x 7" core tine, the unique design allows slight movement during operation to allow easier penetration when encountering subsurface obstacles with easier release of plugs. This design reduces the possibility of clogged cores. 

Three-Point Hitch Types: 48", 60", 72", 84", 96"

Pull Types: 48", 60", 72"

  • Plugger spoons move slightly, allowing for easier soil penetration
  • 12" diameter drum can be filled with extra weight (sand for winter use or water for summer use)
  • Solid cold rolled steel axle with pillow block bearings for longer life
Land Management

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